Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Art of Ploog – Volume Two

The Art of Ploog: Volume Two - CoverThree years ago, science fiction and fantasy publisher FPG proudly brought comic art fans its first, massive collection of American artist Mike Ploog art, still on sale – but there’s now a Kickstarter running for Volume Two, offering an even more in-depth look at Mike’s career. And just like the first volume, this second volume will reproduce hundreds of pieces of art.

Although retired from creating new work because of health issues, comics and film legend Mike, who lives in Devon, is happily working on this brand new art book, and his passion for taking his art to fans has never been higher – and 300 fans have already backed the project so far, which is seeking just over £23,000 in funding, with eight days to go.


The Art of Ploog: Volume Two – due for release in February 2019 – is being offered to backers at special rates, and will then be available in comics shops, bookstores and through Amazon next February.

Depending on your pledge amount, the Kickstarter includes the opportunity to purchase one of 14 original Ploog paintings made available through the Kickstarter, many of which have been in the collection of the artist for over 25 years.

Mike drew the first appearance the of the first, Johnny Blaze version of the supernatural motorcyclist Ghost Rider, in Marvel Spotlight #5 (Aug. 1972) – and this new book includes even more pages from his days working for Marvel Comics on titles such as Frankenstein, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Planet of the Apes, and Werewolf By Night.

The Art of Ploog: Volume Two - Sample Art

The Art of Ploog: Volume Two - Sample Art

The Art of Ploog: Volume Two - Sample Art

And, Volume Two will contain more of his best concept art and storyboards from films Ploog has worked on, such as The Dark Crystal, John Carpenter’s THE THING, Lord of the Rings, and Wizards.

The Art of Ploog: Volume Two - Sample Art

In addition, along with many other surprises, there will also be a much expanded section dedicated to his paintings – and everyone who backs the project will get a Mike Ploog-designed coin, free.

The Art of Ploog: Volume Two - Sample Art

This large art book, matching the 352 page, 9” x 12” hardcover format of the first volume is packed from cover to cover, and it will be a real treat for Ploogies everywhere.

“We truly appreciate all the great support you’ve previously shown us,” say FPG, “and we hope that you will be as excited as we are to have this new second volume in our continuing quest to bring to you the best of Mike Ploog.”

FPG is one of the premiere publishers of Science Fiction and Fantasy products, whose recent titles include Goliath by Michael Friedlander and Mike Ploog, and Thicker than Blood, a large format Ploog and Simon Bisley Art Book

On his Facebook page, Mike Ploog has expressed his delight to fans for their support of the project.

“A big thank you goes out to the fans,” he commented. “[It] warms the heart that after all these years, there are still 300 people that want to have a new art book.

“An artist’s biggest fear is that he will be forgotten after his work is finished. So thank you… It means a lot.”

Check out the Art of Ploog Volume Two here on Kickstarter

Art of Ploog Volume One is available here on Amazon

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