Crowfunding Spotlight: Talamander Fantasy Gamebook Magazine Issue One

Talamander Issue One - Art by Nerdgore

Artist and card schemer Tim Brown and the team behind the Terror Trumps card game are running a Kickstarter for a new Gamebook magazine, Talamander. The new magazine features a cover and pullout poster by Nerdgore, one of the artists who helped make the Lone Wolf books by Joe Dever so memorable.

Featuring an all-new game, conceived and written by Tim, who also provides interior illustrations, Talamander is brought to you with consulting editorial advice from top-selling author Rik Hoskin, designed by Julie Chamberlain, and playtested by Adam Frankfort.

“This is my love letter to classic gamebooks,” says Tim of the project. “Fighting Fantasy green spines, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery, Grailquest and The Way of the Tiger. That’s where it all started for me, back in the 1980s.

“I’ve always loved gamebooks and I’ve always wanted to write one, but the years ticked by and I never quite got around to it. Instead, I published many fantasy small press comics and, of course, the Terror and Fantasy trumps, with Rik and Chatri Ahpornsiri.

“It was the Fantasy Trumps set that really convinced me to go for it,” he continues. “I’ve had ideas for an ongoing gamebook series for such a long time and I finally realised if I wanted to do it, I should just do it!”

Talamander Issue One - art by Tim Brown. An aquatic monstrosity rises from the depths...
An aquatic monstrosity rises from the depths…

The 60-plus page Talamander Issue One, which has already hit its target with ease, is an ongoing fantasy gamebook magazine, with a cover by Nerdgore, where you are the hero, fully illustrated throughout by Tim,

“The magazine has been written, illustrated, designed and promotional copies printed,” says Tim. “We’re ready to go!”

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Check out the Talamander Kickstarter here

Check out Terror Trumps here

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