Dammaged Comics rounds off busy year with horror anthology, Short Sharp Shocks and Christmas tale OLF

Dammaged Comics - Short Sharp Shocks Cover

UK indie comics publisher Dammaged Comics‘ first anthology, Short Sharp Shocks launched at Birmingham MCM Expo this weekend, their final release in what’s been a busy year for the team.


Short Sharp Shocks Sample Art 1 Short Sharp Shocks Sample Art 3 Short Sharp Shocks Sample Art 2

Offering 50 plus pages that incorporate six short horror tales drawn by Lukasz Marko with real stings in their tails, the book costs £4.50 (and can be ordered online for that price, including postage).

Dammaged Comics is the brainchild of Liverpool-based creator Dave McCluskey, and he’s published a number of great projects in recent years. These include Interesting Tymes, anthologies of rhyming tales with often gruesome twists and turns and the graphic novel, Wooden Heart, which finds Detective Philip Finn dealing with a spate of bizarre deaths, at the same time battling a strong sense of deja vous. Could these deaths be linked to a spate of deaths back in 1812?

Regular readers of downthetubes will also recognise him as the script writer on Joe Matthews marvellous (and more family friendly!) A Christmas Carol graphic novel, launched earlier this year, published by Joe himself.

OLF - Cover

Another project with a Christmas theme Dave’s released, featuring art by Doctor Who Adventures artist Grant Perkins is OLF, lettered by Micah Myers, an 80 plus page full colour graphic novel telling the tale of one of Santa’s reindeer, retelling a legend.

“If you like comics, and you want your kids to enjoy comics too, but find that they are still a little bit too young to read the violence of DC and Marvel, and too innocent to enjoy the vast array of indie horror comics, hen why not give OLF a try,” says Dave.

OLF cost £10.00 and is available from Dammaged Comics.

Dave says That after working on some 16 titles over the past few years he’s going to be “sculling back” his comic output in 2017. Ongoing series such as The Few, DeathDay Presents and Sick B*stards will continue, along with, hopefully, another original graphic novel, Dark Spirits, but he’ll be focused on novel writing next years.

I am hopefully going to release four novels,” he says. “The Twelve is almost complete, CRACK!!! is almost complete, I have written a novel called Butterflies that will be release under a ‘nom de plume’ and my Christmas release next year will be a Children’s/ YA book called Christmas: Sold Out

“So, busy busy busy as ever!”

Visit dammaged.com to order Short Sharp Shocks, OLF and more | Find Dammaged Comics on Facebook | Follow Dammaged Comics on Twitter @dammaged_comics

• Read our review of Christmas Carol here. Buy it via paypal at joe_1963@live.co.uk £12 including p&p 84 A4 pages in full colour

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