Dangerous Ink interviews John M. Burns

(with thanks to Jay Eales): Cosmic Publishing, who also publish Comics International, have just released the first issue of the revamped, alternative arts magazine Dangerous Ink, which includes an interview with 2000AD and one time Modesty Blaise artist John M. Burns.

The interview spans his entire career, starting with his work for Link Studios in the 1950s alongside Harry Lindfield and Gerry Haylock, whose work also featured, much later, in another title he worked on, the 1970s comic Countdown.

Combining comics, ‘fine’ art, comic strips and more the magazine also has interviews with 1960s Batman actor Adam West and Canadian cartoonist Doug Wright.

The magazine was first conceived back in January 2007 by two Glasgow creatives, Will Couper and Tom Green. Past issues have included interviews with comic creators such as Joe Matt, Thomas Ott and Frank Quitely.

• Dangerous Ink is available from selected newsagents, comic shops and the Dangerous Ink web site. @>

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