Death’s Head comes to Heroclix

Heroclix Death's Head Profile

Heroclix has just announced the upcoming release of a Death’s Head figure for their collectible miniatures game, as part of their upcoming Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man set.

Death’s Head was the Marvel HeroClix 2012 Fan-Vote Winner , winning by 100 vote over his closest competitor. As some readers may know, writer Kieron Gillen has also included Death’s Head in recent issues of Iron Man – hence the robot bounty hunter’s inclusion, perhaps, in this new Heroclix release.

Heroclix is a collectible miniatures game now produced by the collectible toy producer National Entertainment Collectibles Association that uses the Clix system that centres around the world of superhero comic books, especially the Marvel and DC Comics universes.

The original incarnation of the freelance peace-keeping robotic bounty hunter – who will appear in the Revolutionary War maxi series next year alongside Death’s Head II – has been given an impressive range of powers based on his comic character, including teleportation and energy blast. A pretty vicious opponent in the game, then – just like he always was at Marvel UK!

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