Dee-Con in Dundee: Four weeks to go

There are only four weeks to go until this year’s Dee-Con event at the Dundee University Student’s Association (DUSA). It is being held on Saturday 4 April and doors open at Noon for the all ages daytime programme of sales tables, gaming competitions and cosplay, while in the evening it will move into party mode, for those old enough to be in a student bar at least, until well after midnight.

Dee-Con is an anime, animation and cosplayer event that has been running at DUSA for many years under various names including D-Con and Doj-Con and is organised by the students of the University’s animation course. This year they are welcoming big-name cosplayers Aranel and Sasashie to the event as cosplay judges while guest speakers will include the cosplay group Bandursnatch Studios and Jim Alexander of Planet Jimbot. The third year of the university’s smaller Dundee Comics Expo is also being amalgamated into the main daytime Dee-Con event.

Daytime entrance to DUSA for both Dee-Con and Dundee Comics Expo is completely free and open to all ages. There are more details on the Dee-Con website and Facebook page.

Details, costs and restrictions on evening entrance to the Dee-Con party are also on the Facebook page.

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