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Libraries across the UK are taking part in 64 Million Artists, a national campaign and inviting everyone to get involved, be creative and have fun.

Now in its fourth year, the initiative aims to support visitors to libraries to feel inspired to express themselves creatively every day. People can join in as a group, a couple, with colleagues, families or friends. People can also take part on their own, but it is considered to be more fun to take part with others.

The project was founded by Jo Hunter and David Micklem, who want to change the world for the better by placing creativity at the heart of British life.

Every day, those taking part will get a challenge by email, or can follow the programme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The ‘Do, Think, Share‘ challenges range from drawing, singing, dancing, writing, exploring, cooking, looking and making.

64 Million Artists January ChallengeThe challenge is free to take part in and participants receive a short, creative task every day. Each task should only take 10 minutes to complete and is designed so that any materials that are needed are easy to find, for example, pens and paper.

Anyone can share what they are doing with each other on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by visiting dothinkshare.com, using the hashtag #64MillionArtists & #TheJanuaryChallenge. People can also set up their own WhatsApp group to take part.

“64 Million Artists is a national campaign to unlock the potential of everyone in the UK through creativity,” a spokesperson for the initiative explains. We use a simple, fun and free process: Do, Think and Share to support people who’d like to use creativity to express themselves, get a bit more of a spring in their step, or connect better with others.

“We believe passionately that everyone has the right to a creative life, that we are all instinctively creative but that often gets knocked out of us at school or work. With partners we are developing simple ways of helping people do stuff again, to just have a go without worrying about being good at something or being an expert.

As well as libraries, 64 Million Artists is working with the arts and cultural sector (including the BBC on Get Creative) to ensure everyday creativity is encouraged and celebrated across the UK; with employers to bring fun and regular creativity to the workplace;with towns and cities to see what happens when you catalyse larger numbers of people to unleash their potential; and  with people effected by stress, depression, anxiety or other wellbeing issues to explore how everyday creativity can make a positive contribution to individual lives across the UK.

Sign up to the 64 Million Artists weekly Monday Challenge here


• You can call in at your local library to find out more information about The 64 Million Artists campaign, and the events and activities that are taking place. You can also  follow the 64 Million Artists campaign on Twitter: @64M_Artists and Facebook: 64millionartists

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