“Don’t make me angry…” INFINITY Magazine “Incredible Hulk” cover reveal!

Artist Pete Wallbank has revealed his art for a new cover for INFINITY magazine featuring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in their roles as David Banner and his big green alter-ego from the 1970s TV show The Incredible Hulk – and it’s absolutely awesome.

INFINITY Issue 20 Cover - The Incredible Hulk by Pete Wallbank

He teased fans of his work with his initial design work/sketch for this a new cover a while back, and they won’t be disappointed by the final version.

“Like many others I adored The Incredible Hulk as a kid, starring the brilliant Bill Bixby and the equally incredible (every pun intended) Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk,” says Pete, an illustrator whose professional career began with Doctor Who Magazine back in 1991.

The Incredible Hulk was the brainchild of the legendary producer, writer and director Kenneth Johnson, who was also responsible for hit shows such as The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

The framework of the show followed a ‘fugitive’ style format with each episode following the footsteps of Doctor David Banner as he attempted to settle down, only to get annoyed and, in turn, to get angry and go green!

“He must have spent a fortune on clothes!” Pete, who’s provided numerous covers now for the cult TV and film magazine INFINITY, notes.

“The show was a huge success, lasted five seasons and was loved by many all around the world.

“It’s timely that I complete this work with the current Marvel Avengers film being so incredibly successful at the cinema at the moment,” the artist continues, “so it is with this in mind I rightfully dedicate this work to the Hulk’s co-creator, Stan Lee.

“If you’ve ever loved the Hulk in any of his forms this work is also dedicated to you,” he finishes. “I hope you approve.”

Pete Wallbank at work on his Incredible Hulk cover for INFINITY Issue 20

Pete Wallbank at work on his Incredible Hulk cover for INFINITY Issue 20

INFINITY Issue 20 Cover - The Incredible Hulk by Pete Wallbank - Pencils

Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, memorable to me for scenes of Lou Ferrigno running through New Work wearing slippers, there’s no disputing Pete’s done a bang up job on this superb cover. No need to make him angry with daft comments, Mr McGhee!

And for his next trick?

“I’ll be travelling back in time to my past and who knows what that might be?” he teases, not very effectively… can’t wait!

INFINITY Issue 20 featuring The Incredible Hulk is on sale in July 2019. INFINITY is online at http://infinitymagazine.co.uk

• Pete Wallbank is online at www.petewallbankart.com

Lou Ferrigno is online at louferrigno.com | Twitter

There’s a small tribute site to the late Bill Bixby here, compiled by JH Harison

There is an archive of The Incredible Hulk SciFi Channel web site here on WayBack

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