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Oxford Trollomicus

Art © Spike Greenwood

How’d you like to win a copy of a smashing illustrated book, The Oxford Trollomicus, created by Spike Greenwood? All you have to do is create a Troll – in words or pictures!

The Oxford Trollomicus caught my eye over on Kickstarter earlier this year and we reported on it here – a gorgeous-looking Illustrated Guide Book to the Bridge Trolls of Oxford, based on the increasingly dubious research of Professor Bulstrode Whitless. I wasn’t the only person to like it, either, and the book gained the required backing and is now available to buy for £20 here.

But how would you like the chance to WIN a copy? Thanks to Spike, downthetubes has TWO copies to give away in our latest Art Competition – and he’s also offered some fantastic art prints for runners up!

Celebrating this year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival – downthetubes will be in the Comics Clock Tower again, alongside Dan Dare Audio Adventures producers B7 Media – all you have to do is come up with a design for a Troll that you might find lurking in the underworld of Kendal or somewhere in the Lake District, or any Northern England town.

Your entry can be a cartoon or illustration, whatever your style of work.

If you’re a writer, rather than an artist, you can enter, too, by simply sending us your description of a troll in no less than 50 words and no more than 150 words!

Check out the Oxford Trollomicus web site to get an idea of the kind of approach Spike Greenwood took with his book for ideas, or simply dive right in with your own approach – it’s entirely up to you!

Our thanks to Spike Greenwood for the competition prizes.

All entries must be sent to us by email and we must receive them by Wednesday 9th October 2019 by 12 noon, UK time, sent to – please include “Oxford Trollomicus” in your subject line!

• Entries are open to anyone, so do pass on the challenge to artist friends!

• This competition is organised by downthetubes and is not connected to the Festival. All submitted entries remain the © copyright of creators. Please ensure you include a contact point and art web site or social media page with your entries if you have one!

Oxford Trollomicus

The Oxford Trollomicus is a Curious Guidebook to the Curious Bridge Trolls that live in the wonderous city of Oxford. A 128 page, full colour artifact that comes in it’s own slip case, full of curious beings, odd customs and possibly libelous commentaries from the Professor of Oxonian Mythics, Bulstrode Whitless.

This most peculiar book is made possible through the truly amazing support of its KICKSTARTER Backers – who have successfully brought it into reality (though which reality is debatable), and whose amazing belief in the project means that you too can have one, even though the Project has successfully completed.

Buy a copy of the limited edition First Print from Greenspike, printed in the UK, published, and shipped to your door. Get your copy now, or don’t, the Trolls don’t care either way (they do, they really really do…).

Probably best suited to Teenagers and Adults who have not lost their sense of absurd wonder…

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