Eagle Times Volume 22 Number One

Eagle Times Volume 22 Number One 1 - Cover

This issue’s front cover features the Valiant spaceship from ‘Operation Saturn’ (Eagle, 1953) superimposed with images of Saturn and the Eagle Nebula (NASA photographs)

The latest issue of Eagle Times (Volume 22, Number One) is available now from the Eagle Society.

Spring 2009 contents

  • Operation Saturn – but not as we know it. Details of Frank Hampson’s original 1952 story outline for Dan Dare’s fourth adventure, revealed and reviewed
  • Heros the Spartan – a review of Eagle‘s popular 1960s sword and sorcery strip, part 2
  • By a Hair’s Breadth – artwork by Frank Hampson, from Ranger, 1965
  • Prisoners of Space revisited – a new review of the Pilot of the Future’s 5th Eagle adventure
  • PC49 and the Case of the Murderous Mouse – part 1 of a new story adaptation
  • Edward Beal – more information about the creator the Railway Page that appeared in Eagle‘s dummy second issue
  • Rick Random, Space Detective – a review of Prion Books’ recently published collection of 1950s interplanetary adventures
  • More memories of Denis Gifford’s Ally Sloper magazine
  • “I was there” – part 5, memories of the Society of Strip Illustration Awards Dinner, December 1976
  • More Crockett and Krispies – from the series Heroes of the West, drawn by Ron Embleton for Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
  • Eagle Autographs – part 4, the artists and storytellers
  • Pop Music during Eagle Times – 1964

• Membership of the Eagle Society is via Annual Subscription to Eagle Times magazine, which is published four times annually. More details here on the Eagle Times blog

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