Eagle Times Volume 23 Number Three

Eagle Times  Volume 23, Number Three - Cover

The picture on this issue’s front depicts the launch of the Hirondelle by John Yardley (after Frank Hampson studio). It is based on the opening frame from the 4th episode of ‘The Red Moon Mystery’ first published in Eagle, Vol 2 Number 29, 26th October, 1951

The new issue of Eagle Times (Volume 23, Number Three) is available now from the Eagle Society.

Autumn 2010 Contents

  • A look at the “Realtime” chronology of the original Dan Dare saga, from the birth of Sir Hubert (1943), to Dan’s appointment as Spaceship Controller (2022)
  • Memories of Marcus Morris – the man – provided by former members of the St James Youth Club, which was set up by Marcus in the 1940s.
  • A summary history of 46 years of Eagle enthusiast publications, from the Dan Dare Club Newsletter (1964) to Eagle Times (1988 to date).
  • The Case of the Lone Wolf – the first part of another ‘PC49′ story adapted from an Alan Stranks’ radio play
  • The Name’s the thing – a humorous look at the varied and strange names of aliens in the Dan Dare saga.
  • Measuring Eagle‘s success – a look at the readership survey instigated by Hulton Press in 1950, which concluded that Eagle then had a readership of 60% of the boys of Britain.
  • Now you see him – now you don’t – how in the early 1980s a flying Dutchman tried, and failed, to publish reprint books of the Eagle strips ‘Heros the Spartan’ and ‘Dan Dare’
  • ‘Rogue Planet’ remembered – a personal reflection highlighting iconic moments from Dan Dare’s 7th Eagle adventure.
  • Putting Eagle Times together – how the editorial team (and some unsung helpers) put together a 56-page magazine every quarter
  • ‘Nightmare on Dreamland’ – a look at the 1986 story from the “new” Eagle, when Dan Dare (the great-great-grandson) meets the original Dan Dare in an encounter with their arch enemy – the Mekon
  • Rivals of Jeff Arnold – the fifth in this ongoing series looks at the impact of western hero Davy Crockett, brought to screen in 1955 by Walt Disney.
  • Eaglers of the future – a former Eagle reader introduces his collection to his grandchildren
  • Did You Really Shoot the Television? – a review of the Family Fable by Max Hastings, journalist son of Eagle‘s Special Investigator, MacDonald Hastings
  • Bill Dean, Kenneth McDonough and Ray Malstrom – a short illustrated article on the prolific model aircraft and vehicle designers who contributed to Eagle and Eagle books throughout the 1950s and 1960s
  • Lancastria – a relook at Eagle writer Geoffrey Bond’s book (published in 1959 and serialised in John Bull magazine), following the 70th anniversary (in June 2010) of the biggest maritime disaster in British History

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