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Reads Volume Two Issue 3 - Cover


Avery Hill are at it again. After last week’s announcements of another four books due for release in 2015, they have just announced a further series of books that are in their busy schedule.

Reads – Volume 2, Issue 3

The cover for this book (as above by Eleni Kalorkoti) is one of my favourite of the series so far. The good news is that we will be getting two issues this year of their outstanding anthology title that has in the past included some excellent work by Tim Bird, Dave White, Luke Halsall, Ricky Miller, Edie OP and many more. It’s quite possibly my favourite anthology title out there at the moment, full of depth and insight. It’s a really classy package and well worth your attention.

• You can find more about the cover artist Eleni over at www.elenikalorkoti.com or follow her on Twitter @elenikalorkoti


Between he Billboards - Cover


Between the Billboards & The Authoring of Architecture
by Owen D. Pomery
Release date – April 2015

“Ebner has elected to live between two advertising boards, in a converted water tank in the centre of the city. What follows is a simple and cautionary tale, detailing the perils of shutting yourself off from the rest of the world. The main content is of small, apparently inconsiquential happenings, often dark, sometimes amusing, but all wat-markers on the road Ebner has chosen to walk.”

Owen is a firm favourite of mine and, obviously, of the Avery Hill guys and this collects his excellent Between the Billboards in one book along with extensive further content. I chatted to co-publisher David White at a recent event and he explained that he wasn’t into just re-packaging a series of books into a trade paperback but wanted the reader to get a richer experience from their books.

This is a really beautiful collection of the Billboards story that also includes other comics and essays on this joining of our favourite medium and the preciseness of Owen’s architectural background. Through a series of short comics and essays, Owen explains how architecture ideas can be explored in graphic stories and the different ways they influence his work.

• You can find Owen at www.owenpomery.com and on Twitter @ODPomery


Swear Jar by Abe Christie - Cover



Swear Jar
by Abe Christie
Release date: June 2015

“Abe Christie is a cartoonist and former art student based in London. He spends his days working at a dead end job and dreams of other lives he might have lived, then attemnpts to live them in comic form.

Swear Jar collects a series of short comics drawn between 2014 and 2015. Occupying themselves cheifly in flirting with neurosis and mundanity, they attempt to keep a gentle humour, whilst querying the value of one’s nemesis, failed friendships, and the inconveniences of finding oneself radioactive and powerless.”

I’ve got to tell you, this book sounds firmly up my street. Abe is a London based artist who can be found at his blog where he’s been posting some really interesting pages from this book. He also seems slightly obsessed with 1990s Winona Ryder.

The Hill (as I am forever now calling them) also teased a few other upcoming titles. As well as two more issues of the excellent existential indie rock comic Metroland we will also be seeing a new project from Isabel Greenberg, writer/artist of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth. 

The title has yet to be announced and no images or further details are available at present, as the project is in its early stages, but based on her previous work it will be well worth looking out for. We’re told the story covers the early Greek myths, focusing on the formation of the Earth, the birth of the gods, Zeus’ battle with the giants, the creation of man, Prometheus and Pandora’s Box.

• You can find Isabel over at www.isabelnecessary.com and on Twitter @isabelgreenberg

• For more information on the above books and also to have a look at their brilliant back catalogue pop over to www.averyhillpublishing.com or follow them on Twitter @AveryHillPubl. Their two head honchos and cigar chomping empire builders David White and Ricky Miller can be found on Twitter @TinyDancing and @metrolandmiller respectively

Many thanks for reading.

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