FAB Makeover

The new issue of Fanderson’s fanzine FAB, (Number 57), has just been released.

With Chris Bentley’s retirement as editor, Fanderson have taken the opportunity to redesign the 56 page glossy colour A5 zine and bring in new features, intended to increase the membership involvement in FAB while maintaining the high standards set by Bentley.

For comics fans the issue includes the third of award-winning science fiction author Stephen Baxter‘s articles on TV Century 21 comic, this one featuring the TV 21 Extras and Specials. Like all too many summer specials from British comics, these are hard to come by and expensive when found, yet it means that fans miss out on strips by the likes of artists such as Ron Turner, Ron Embleton, Don Harley and Frank Hampson. In addition, FAB continues to reprint the Don Lawrence Fireball XL5 strip from TV 21 in full colour on its back page.
• FAB is only available to Fanderson members: for membership details, visit the Fanderson web site.

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