Fanzine Flashback to 1969!

One of the latest additions to the ever-expanding Classic UK Comics Zines Archive curated by David Hathaway-Price is ASPECT #1, a rarity published in September 1969 by the late, great author, comics writer, artist and editor, Steve Moore.

ASPECT #1 - Cover

With a striking cover by Steve Moore himself, the addition of ASPECT #1 to the brilliant archive comes thanks to collector Peter Hansen. David notes he doubts that he would ever have seen this issue without his generosity.

“These early zines are out there, but they aren’t easy to find,” he commented.

“Steve Moore published this zine post KA-POW (Phil Clarke once more concentrating on dealing),” he notes. “Issue’s 2 and 3 (the latter released under the title ORPHEUS) are litho printed things of beauty, but there is some fine, if roughly printed, work in this first effort.”

  • ASPECT #1 - Art by Jim Baikie
  • ASPECT #1 - Art by Paul Neary
  • ASPECT #1 - From Over the Horizon

ASPECT #1 features plenty of artwork from Steve, a strip by Ken Simpson (aided by Steve), and a portfolio of Viking illustrations provided by Paul Neary, Dick Burn, Brian Frost, Jim Baikie, David Britton and Dave Fletcher.

Written work comes from Derek Stokes (of Dark They Were and Golden Eyed fame), Peter Phillip and Canadian fan John Mansfield, the latter providing a report on the New York Comic Art Convention.

While you’re here… contributions to David’s own zine, FANSCENE (Issue 6) are now invited. Dan Dare, Rupert Bear, and Conan (at Marvel) all reach significant milestones this year. If you have some time on your hands (or wish to take your mind off the current chaos we’re facing perhaps), artwork or articles are always very much appreciated. Contact him via the Classic UK Comics Zines web site.

Check out the Classic UK Comics Zines Main Archive where you can also download all issues of FANSCENE

The ASPECT/ORPHEUS page, where you can read ASPECT #1 and other issues on line

Aspect Montage

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