Fish Collectibles Strontium Dog Statue – Sneak Peek!

Fish Collectibles official Strontium Dog statue is almost here. Since the launch of the Kickstarter at the beginning of 2023, backers have been avidly following the regular updates on the development and production of what looks like a high quality product.

Fish Collectibles Official 2000AD Strontium Dog Figure - Box Cover

Adverts have recently appeared in recent editions of both 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, and the character’s co-creator, John Wagner, has posted a picture of Number One of the run of 500 statues on his Facebook page. Kickstarter contributors have also been notified that the others will be dispatched soon.

Now, Fish Collectibles have released a short video of the finished model, which we’ve been given permission to share on the downthetubes YouTube channel, and more images of this fantastic release.

The video is a full 360 view of a tooled up, ready to kick off Johnny Alpha: a beautifully modelled live electronux in one hand, Westinghouse variable blaster in the other, ready to dispense a number four cartridge into some unsuspecting bounty.

With an impressive level of detail, first impressions are that Fish Collectibles have done the character and his creators proud. It looks like a fantastic rendition of everyone’s favourite white eyed brooding, time bomb toting, bounty hunter.

Judging from the video and Mr. Wagner’s post, it seems likely that there will be a lot of pleased backers when the courier of choice brings Johnny to their door.

If you missed the Kickstarter, then you can pre-order your Strontium Dog statue here direct from Fish Collectibles

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