Fishy Fun: Comic Characters sunk to new depths!

Here’s a daft but fun item for comic and fish lovers: Custom Fishbowls.

This new, small British operation will take your suggestion for whatever kind of fish bowl or theme of a fishbowl you want and make it – and throw in some fish, too.

One customer asked them to use a Minnie the Minx figure… And this is the result.

It was clearly a commission close to the team’s heart, stirring childhood memories of spending pocket money on a pack of Merlin Premier League football stickers, getting a sherbert Dib Dab and buying a copy of the Beano.

“The iconic black and white stripes still evoke childhood memories of reading about Dennis the Menace, Rodger the Dodger and all the gang,” says creator Joshua. “So here’s Minnie the Minx, the ultimate tomboy, finally caged ready for your goldfish to swim around.

“The Bash Street Kids would be bowled over!”

• If you are interested in purchasing a unique, custom fishbowl, then check out the Custom Fish Bowls Etsy shop or follow them on Twitter. You can also find them on Facebook – although there’s not much to see there – or check out their photo gallery on this Tumblr Blog. If you have any requests, suggestions or want to ask us something drop them an email at

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