“Forever Avon” fan fiction charity anthology celebrating the life of actor Paul Darrow raises funds for World Wildlife Fund

Forever Avon, a Blake’s 7 fan produced charity anthology in celebration of the late Paul Darrow’s iconic character from Blake’s 7, has already raised over £500 for the World Wildlife Fund.

Edited by Oliver Dallas, Annie Worrall and Jackie Emery, members of the Blake’s 7 fan club Horizon, Forever Avon was released last year, and chronicles the life of Kerr Avon, from his troubled beginnings, to his reluctant career as a freedom fighter.

It features original fan stories and artwork, plus an introduction from actor Stephen Greif, who played leather-clad villain Travis in the popular 1970s BBC SFTV drama.

Art by Charles Walpes

Oliver Dallas launched the project back in 2019, seeking 1000 – 3000 word short stories, set during any period of the show’s timeline, with there is no restriction on subject, but with the caveat that any story had to heavily feature and/or involve Avon as a main protagonist.

Art by Raine Szramski

The book includes contributions from and features art contributions from creators such as Andrew Parsons, Grahame Robertson, Raine Szramski and Charles Walpes.

The short story collection in memory of Paul Darrow, and to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund, is a strictly non profit enterprise with no official endorsement from the Terry Nation estate.

Another Blake’s 7 fan production is also in the works right now. Instigated by Forever Avon contributor and graphic designer Grahame Robertson. He recently announced plans to produce the missing Blake’s 7 Annual in time for the 40th anniversary of Season D next year. With a contributor list that includes artist Trevor Baxendale, there’s more information about this project here on Facebook.

Forever Avon is available here from lulu.com

For more information and to read extracts from the stories, check out the Forever Avon Facebook page


  • A Life in the Day of Kerr Avon by Jackie Emery
  • Prisoner’s Dilemma by Stephen Brennan
  • Life Sentence by Jean Graham
  • Next on my List by S.F. Bennett
  • Cygnus Alpha – A Treasure to Hold by Larasati Widara with Sue Little
  • Brain and Brawn by Oliver Dallas
  • A Twist in the Tail by S.F. Bennett
  • The Prediction by Tim Gambrell
  • The Burned by Andrew Kyle
  • Bad Debt by Jennifer Copping
  • Avon’s Ruse by Gary J. Mack
  • To Bring the Dead by Annie Worrall
  • The Ageing Process by Claire and Katie Lambeth
  • A Matter of Trust by Sue Little
  • Only Mistaken by Mandy Mottram
  • A Reluctant Replacement by David McAllister
  • Long Odds by Gillian F. Taylor
  • Demon by Raine Szramski
  • Stalked by Luci Virgo
  • The Prisoner by Andrew Booth
  • A Man Who Trusts by Andrew Williams
  • Forever Bound by Nanna Sally Nelson
  • Ashes to Ashes by Lee Bagnall
  • The Sound of his Voice by Annie Worrall


Adrian Webster, Stefan Kuerpick, Tom Newsom, Larasati Widara, Andrew Parsons, Ben Clark, Ryan Aplin, Grahame Robertson, Luke Skirenko, Raine Szramski, Raziel Ravenscar, Charles Walpes, James Chadderton and Leanne Hannah

Forever Avon also features a foreword by Stephen Greif, poetry by Annie Worrall and photography courtesy of Maureen Marrs and Team Blake

Forever Avon is available here from lulu.com

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