Frazetta Art Museum expands online presence

Discussion of the work of artist Frank Frazetta as another painting goes up for auction led me back not only to the web site of the Frazetta Art Museum but to discover his family have recently extended the presence of the Museum on Facebook.

Frazetta Art Museum

Based in in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States, the Museum is again open for visitors but like many galleries across the globe, is benefiting from increased “virtual discovery” as art fans in lockdown explored the internet.

The museum is unique in that Frank’s family still runs it and is more than happy to spend your visit talking about Frank, his partner Ellie, and the artwork.

The current health emergency has affected the Museum’s income, but it’s clear their desire to honour Frank Frazetta’s work and engage with fans is undiminished, who have also supported their work in preserving his memory.

Looking at how they can increase interactivity with online followers in order to give back for all done for them, the family recently launched The Frazetta Art Museum Lounge on Facebook, a group where you can ask questions, posts images, and discuss the life and work of Frazetta.

“This group will allow you to contribute more to the conversation, talk with others about Frazetta and his work, and provide us a way to have more in-depth conversation with you all,” says Lori Frazetta. “As with any group, the only thing we ask is to be courteous and respectful to others.

“This will not be replacing our professional page, The Frazetta Art Museum — rather, it will simply be a group under the museum umbrella that will be more community driven.”

Home to the largest collection of Frazetta originals in the world, the Frazetta Art Museum resides on the original 67 acre estate in the heart of the Pocono mountains, where Frank created his most iconic paintings since 1971. His four children were brought up on this large parcel of land in a time that the Poconos were still in their “honeymoon” stage – with a population under 25,000 in the early 1970’s to today, totalling well over 250,000 residents. But the estate property has stayed intact since the original purchase in 1971, only to be groomed and landscaped to make it as beautiful as one could imagine, as evidenced from the majority of TripAdvisor reviews.

Reopened solely by Frank Frazetta Jr in 2013, it houses roughly 37 original oil pieces and countless pencil, pen and ink, and watercolour works, and personal items such as part of the artist’s camera collection, sports equipment, easel, pallet, and much more.

One of several "Death Dealer" works by Frank Frazetta
One of several “Death Dealer” works by Frank Frazetta

Paintings include many of the artist’s famous works such as “Death Dealer III”, “The Indomitable”, “Cat Girl” and “Silver Warrior”.

Although they do not own all Frazetta originals, Frank Jr. made sure to pick out a varied collection so that every Frazetta fan would be satisfied and happy with the collection. They also have some rare pieces, such as the left-handed paintings Frank did after his eighth stroke and “Reign of Wizardry”, a piece that was never hung in the museum and was never published in its final form until recently.

There is a required donation of $15 per visitor. A museum is costly, and this one is no exception. Since this is done as a labour of love, admission keeps the museum open for public viewing and also helps to prevent the sale of original art that is currently housed in the museum. Sales from our website or our gift shop are also considered as donations to keep the museum open.

Frazetta Cloth Masks

The current Coronavirus Pandemic has even prompted an unusual commercial opportunity to keep it going in these difficult times – an assortment of Frazetta Mask images, modelled here by Nicolle Frazetta and available here from the Museum price $15.95 plus shipping.

Check out The Frazetta Museum online at | Store | Facebook | Facebook Lounge | YouTube | Visit in person at 141 Museum Lane East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – see web site for opening times


Creeps #26 - Cover

Frank’s work often appears The Creeps magazine, which also features new work from original Warren writers, artists and editors.

Frank Frazetta’s painting originally commissioned as a cover for the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ story A Princess of Mars forms part of an upcoming Heritage Art auction in September, details recently added to the online catalogue.

With thanks to author and artist David Roach. (What doe you mean, you haven’t bought his brilliant Masters of British Comic Art yet? Do so now!

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