Funny Pages Free Comic Book Day comic heads to eBay … for a tenner

Even before Free Comic Book Day 2019 is over, copies of Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics free Funny Pages sampler of British humour comics is now being offered on eBay for a staggering £9.95.

The Treasury of British Comics Presents Funny Pages FCBD 2019

It’s not the only FCBD 2019 title on sale online for eye-watering amounts, and I know that for some people, buying online might be the only way to get a copy of some FCBD titles, but £9.95, for a comic sold at cost to retailers for under £1?

That’s one heck of a mark up, and the copies we found were re-priced from £4.95 earlier in the day, although we do acknowledge this is the only way for some to get a copy and some commentators on social media were unsurprised by the price.

Plus, Funny Pages is, of course, great fun – and a wonderful primer for anyone wanting to read some terrific British humour comics, but it is all reprint material. (Lew Stringer has details of which strips feature here on his blog).

For comparison, the all-new Cor!! and Buster Special costs just £4.99 direct from the publisher – £3.99 if you buy it digitally!

Cor!! and Buster Special Cover

All-new humour comics, yours for just £4.99yours for just £4.99!

That’s a price that leaves you with change to buy the all-new 2000AD Villains Takeover Special, from the same publisher, too – also available in comic shops today for just 99p.

Just saying.

2000AD Villains Take Over One Shot Special

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  1. Stupid scalpers.

    I would’ve picked up Funny Pages, but my local store isn’t doing FCBD at all. And I certainly wouldn’t want to pay £10 for it! It’s worth £3 at the most, in my opinion.

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