Gemini Force One project secures crowdfunding goal

We’re pleased to report that Jamie Anderson’s Kickstarter, aimed at getting his father Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One concept launched as a series of novels, has been a success, reaching its initial funding target of £24,350 ahead of the 5th October deadline.

“Thank you so much everyone, for all of your wonderful support,” says Jamie. “500 of you have now said to the World: YES! I want to see more Gerry Anderson creations brought to life! and I can’t thank you enough for that!”

Gemini Force One Stretch Goals announced

Gemini Force One Stretch Goals announced

Although it’s gained its initial target, the campaign has added new stretch goals have been added, including a bide to get funding for designs of the GF1 vehicles by former Star Trek designer Andrew Probert, a GF1 T Shirt, a poster, plus for a pledge of £190 (if the total can reach £32,000), you’ll receive an exclusive GF1 Flight Jacket.

This is great news for Anderson fans and we’re sure the Jamie Anderson and MG Harris , the author adapting Gerry’s GF1 into new novels, are delighted by the response. They’ve already started seeding GF1-related fiction on the web, including this tie-in plug for the fictional Carrington Sky High hotel in Abu Dhabi. Spot the Anderson references!

Gemini Force One Kickstarter Page

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