Go Undercover, Low Life!

Undercover 02 cover by Rufus Dayglo

From the world of Judge Dredd, comes Mega-City Undercover 02 – four tales about the idiosyncratic members of Justice Department undercover unit, known as the ‘Wally Squad’. But they patrol no ordinary patch – this is the Low Life, the nastiest, most crime-infested part of the city.

This band of misfits, nut-jobs and social outcasts – cynical Aimee Nixon, unhinged Dirty Frank, adult baby Eric ‘Mortal’ Coil, and their controller Thora – try and administer something akin to justice in the city’s darkest corners.

From bizarre biblical plagues to dockside revolutions and huge sinister conspiracies, these gritty, noir and darkly humourous tales reject Dredd’s black-and-white instant justice and instead bring to life a nasty, vicious underworld full of terrible deprivation, larger-than-life mob bosses, petty criminals, cowardly informants, and muddied waters.

This stunning second volume of tales from the pen of Rob Williams (Cla$$war, Ghost Rider, The Iron Age) features artwork from D’Israeli (SVK), Rufus Dayglo (Judge Dredd, Tank Girl), and Smudge (Chiaroscuro) that captures both the decaying grandeur and the dark desperation of the Low Life.

This edition comes with a brand new wraparound cover from Rufus Dayglo.

Discover the darker side of Judge Dredd’s world – take a trip through the Low Life


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