Hachette road testing Transformers: The Definitive Collection part work

Transformers Collection - Promotional Art

Don Figueroa Transformers art

Transformers Collection Issue One

In Issue One of the new collection, witness the era spanning and groundbreaking ‘Target: 2006’, a mini-epic which span out of Transformers (The Animated) Movie and changed the course of the UK comic forever, and the essential US stories (#21-23) that followed it.

Hachette already publish a number of comics-related partworks, but downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf has come across a new one, which looks like being essential reading to any Transformers fans out there, collecting every comics appearance of the Hasbro creations.

The publication’s web site proclaims:

“From the Marvel US and UK stories to the Dreamwave era and the triumphant IDW incarnation of Generation 1, this is the whole story of the warring robots in disguise and is truly, definitively more than meets the eye!”

The site isn’t connected to the main Havhette site, because it’s currently being “road tested” with physical copies available in just one part of the UK – but it will include background features on the creation of the comics from the likes of Simon Furman (currently busy promoting his new comics project To The Death with fellow Transformers creator, artist Geoff Senior), Andrew Wildman, Chris Ryall and Bob Budiansky.

The project has several unique selling points, including newly colourised UK strip material (by John-Paul Bove, a real first), chronological publishing of the Marvel UK/US strip material, Dreamwave stuff that’s never been collected and a whole host of supplementary features, including new interviews with creators, editors and more.

• Check out the site here

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