Happy 70th Birthday, Dandy!

Over on Lew Stringer’s always wonderful Blimey! It’s Another Blog About Comics, he notes that the world’s longest running comic The Dandy is 70 years old any day now.

Issue Number 1 was cover dated 4th December 1937, which means DC Thomson’s ground-breaking title would have been in the shops a few days before that.

“A proper history and tribute to the comic would take more time and reference than I have,” says Lew, “so as a nod of respect to the first comic I ever had (and which helped me learn to read) I just want to focus on a period in the mid 1960s. In particular the adventure strips that appeared in The Dandy at that time.”

Lew offers a great overview of some of the best-remembered strips that featured in the comic, reminding us how many British comics featured both humour and adventure tales in their pages at one time (but, sadly, no longer). Check out the article for yourself, but meanwhile, happy birthday to the Dandy! May there be many more, whatver form the title takes in the future.

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