Hasselhoff returns in new Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff in the original Knight Rider. Image © NBC

David Hasselhoff in the original Knight Rider. Image © NBC

David Hasselhoff may reprise his role as Knight Rider Michael Knight in the new version of the cult 1980s NBC TV series.

Various sources report David Hasselhoff is in talks to appear on NBC’s Knight Rider reboot in his role as Knight, with The Young & the Restless’s Deanna Russo to play the female lead and fellow soap star Justin Bruening in the role of Michael Knight’s son.

The pilot for the potential new series will be a sequel to the 1980s hit, centring on Mike Tracer (Bruening) as the son who never knew his father.

Deanna Russo

Deanna Russo

Russo will play Sarah Kamen, the daughter of Charles Kamen, described as the man who invented the talking car named KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand).

(I’m not that up on the original series but I thought KITT was the creation of billionaire Wilton Knight, played briefly by Richard Basehart?).

Sarah receives word from KITT that her father is missing, and the two must find Tracer, who is wasting away in Las Vegas with gambling debt, and recruit his help.

Justin Bruening

Justin Bruening

There’s a review of the pilot script (warning: spoilers!) over on a new discovery, the Televisonary blog, which is compiled by a Los Angeles-based television development and acquisitions exec

The pilot will be directed by Steve Shill (The Kill Pit).

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  1. Wilton Knight wasn’t the creator of K.I.T.T it was his money that funded the research and building of the car. K.I.T.T was designed and built by 5 scientists who appeared in one episode to rebuild the car after it was desroyed by Goliath i think………….

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