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We’re sorry to report the passing of French comic writer Thierry Cailleteau, aged just 63.

Paying tribute, fellow comic creator Fred Duval, who worked with him on the album, 500 fusils (“500 Rifles”), published by Delcourt, described him as a major influence on his life, an opinion echoed in a tribute from artist Denis Bajram.

Thierry Cailleteau took his first steps into comics with his accomplice, Olivier Vatine, aged just 16. Their first work, Les aventures de Fred et BobGalères Balnéaires was published in 1986, followed by L’Enfer de la drague in 1987.

Their greatest work, the eco-SF series Aquablue, launched in 1988. The first volume, “Nao won the coveted Alph-Art prize at the Angoulême Comics Festival in 1989.

Cailleteau created four volumes with Olivier Vatine, who was then replaced by Ciro Tota. From Volume 11, scripting passed to Régis Hautière, with art by Reno. Cailleteau’s return to the series with Volume 18, working with artist Stéphane Louis, was recently announced, but this album will now appear posthumously.

Cailleteau also wrote two albums of Cryozone with Denis Bajram in the 1990s, Bajram’s first professionally-published work, followed by six albums of Anachron with Jurion; and 500 fusils (500 Rifles) with Fred Duval.

Cryozone T01: Sueurs froides (2004)

More recently, he created Habana 2150 with Héloret in drawing, and Julie Doohan with Brahy.

Our sympathies to family and friends at this time.

Thierry Cailleteau, scénariste de bande dessinée (6th September 1959 – 22nd September 2023) –

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