In Review: App-1 Issue One

App Issue One - Cover

Written by Jim Alexander
Art by Eva Holder, Conor Boyle and iella
Published by Planet Jimbot

The Story: The world has gone to pot after the disappearance of their super-hero and protector, a superman style hero called ‘App’. The surviving humans are shepherded about like sheep and ruled over and hunted by toothy horror stories of an alien race named ‘The Bogeys’.

These ‘Bogeys’ taunt and murder the humans who they catch after curfew. The question remains as to who will save them from this situation. Three kids are hanging onto the hope that App will return to save them and head out on an adventure to find him.

App-1 #1 Sample 1

The Review: Written by Jim Alexander (Samurai Jack, Penguins of Madagascar), with art by Eva Holder (Bad Tooth), Conor Boyle (Dead Roots) and iella (The Ugly Duckling) this is the newest release out of the ever busy Planet Jimbot stables.

It’s an anthology of sorts, one that centres around the legend of App. The main story deals with the post apocalyptic future and the despair of the humans left alive. Other stories deal with App himself. One has him stopping an asteroid and the other has him meeting Einstein – and things are not exactly what they seem, with a machine that seems to scientifically exorcise his personal demons. You also get a short text piece that is an interview between a journalist and App before he disappeared.

This is a deconstruction, something we are used to in modern comics, with a clever twist on presenting front and centre the world that continues on without it’s hero. Jim, as always, writes an interesting and page turning yarn and the art presents itself well for the story it addresses. This makes an interesting entry point for the reader in the first issue and gives a multi layered technique of introducing the reader to both the story and the history of this created world.

For me, the strength lays in the future segment and the interview for example feels a tiny bit like padding but it is definitely something original and a book that I will be returning to for the second issue.

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App-1 #1 Sample 2

App-1 #1 Sample 3

App-1 #1 Sample 4

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