In Review: At War With Yourself by Samuel C. Williams

At War with Yourself: A Comic about Post-Traumatic Stress and the MilitaryWritten and drawn by Samuel C Williams
Published by Singing Dragon
Released: 21st April 2016

The Book: An honest conversation between Samuel C. Williams and his friend, Matt, who has PTSD. Explaining his symptoms and the impact they have had on his life, Matt shares how he has leant to cope with the condition and set himself on a new career path. This comic will be a source of support for anyone affected by PTSD.

The Review:

“I had an idea to make a comic about your experiences of PTSD. I’d like to understand more about it and I think it would help other people too.”

So begins the process of translating a conversation between two friends about one of their experiences of suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after returning from overseas. This time Sam took the feelings of his friend Matt and made a comic that both is educational and genuinely sensitive.

Sam and Matt met at the nursery when they both dropped their children off at in the morning. A friendship grew and the two men would walk their dogs and talk. Eventually, Matt revealed that he is suffering from PTSD after a tour with the army in Sierra Leone. They both agreed to take this conversation that was formed through their friendship and shape it into an educational comic.

Sam explored the reasons for his friends illness, both in the stories of his life, his family and their reactions to the illness and why it effects people. As with all of Singing Dragon’s incredible output to date this is done with real heart and sensitivity. I dare you to read this and not be affected by its story.

The world is full of stories. Many of them relevant and well told but few are as educational and passionate as this comic. I read it one cold morning on the train to work and it still plays on my mind a week later. The comic format is actually perfect to translate the huge impact this illness can have on someone and their family.

Being completely honest, I would rarely read a newspaper or internet article on PTSD – but putting it into both a comic and a touchingly told story was an access point for me to learn a hell of a lot.

Please read this.

• You can find a copy after the release date of the 21st of April at or follow them on Twitter @Singing_Dragon_

• You can find more about the creator Samuel C Williams at or follow him on Twitter @samuelcwilliams

• If you suffer from PTSD and need help then contact

Many thanks for reading.

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