In Review: Disorder by Erika Price

Review by Luke Williams

Disorder by Erika Price

Where to begin with Disorder?

Erika Price is a writer-artist, self publishing her own work via her website. Disorder appears to be is her largest piece of work so far.

Plotless, the reader is propelled by stream of consciousness dialogue accompanied by increasingly bizarre and violent transformations of strange figures in surreal landscapes with a dose of religious imagery. The art is remarkable: stark, heavy on the blacks almost as if each image is a negative of an original, appropriate considering the script, but with incredible detail.

Disorder by Erika Price - Sample Art
Disorder by Erika Price - Sample Art

It has echoes of the work of a more horrific Charles Burns, or perhaps more appropriately the late John Hicklenton particularly on his 100 Days project and other narrator driven tracts of internalised morbidity such as John Smith and Sean Phillips Straitgate.  It wouldn’t look out of place in Stephen Bissette’s classic horror anthology, Taboo.

It could never be described as a pleasant read; emotive, pitch dark, claustrophobic and disturbing – most certainly. It’s 150 pages of self loathing and abstract body horror but it is an impressive piece of work, it just won’t be for everybody.

Luke Williams

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