In Review: Dump Issue 3

Dump #3 - Cover

Writer: David Robertson
Artist: David Robertson, Damon Herd, Donna Law, Neil Paterson, Ludi Price, Keara Stewart and Pam Wye
Publisher: Fred Egg Comics
Format: 80 pages, black and white

Continuing in what seems like some mission to offer the most eclectic and diverse of comic strips, David Robertson’s Dump returns for a third and, apparently, final issue offering stories of night-time nerves, time travel weirdness, autobiographical stories and reflections on life and death.

We also, at last get the concluding part of the title’s main strip “Dump” starring Bert Ainsley, which picks up straight from Issue Two as two hapless workers (one of them Bert) at a council dump find life spiralling in ever decreasing circles.

Dump Issue 3 - Sample 1

Dump Issue 3 - Sample 2

Pages from “Dump” from, er Dump (#3) by David Robertson

It’s certainly a quirky mix from the get go with “Things to Do At Three O’Clock in the Morning” that jolts you with a subtle scare but you’ll end up smiling at; strips like the thought-provoking “Television: The Drug of the Nation (Not)”, drawn by Donna Law; and a series of well reproduced pencil-only strips, the result of David’s month of drawing a story per day for a month. This “30 Days of Comics” offerings are wide ranging and include some delicious barbs at the expense of a well-known US comic strip starring a certain cat. (If you can’t guess which strip I’m talking about, you’ll just have to go an buy an issue, won’t you).

With its mix of David’s strips drawn his own inimitable and distinctive style, and impressive work from artists such as Pam Wye and Damon Herd, among others, plus an interesting set of notes on process to round off the issue, Dump Issue 3 may be considered by some as experimental, but it’s certainly as distinctive and memorable as the first two issues. Check out David’s blog for samples from the collection – it’s worth a mouse click.

Dump Issue Three is available here from David’s BigCartel store

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