In Review: Moebius’ Little Pantheon: Arzak available now

Moebius’ Little Pantheon: Arzak is a gem of a book, the range of art featured speaking for itself, offering an in-depth exploration of the figure with the pointed hat, an emblematic figure of the Möbiusian universe.

From the Heavy Metal origins to the androgynous or spiritual representations that followed, this beautifully produced, eight-chapter artbook is a tribute to the many facets and alternative versions of Arzak, the images and text reflecting the bond established between Moebius and Arzak for over forty years of “paper” life.

The character’s personal mythology is linked with that of his creator, his style and personality evolving with Moebius over time. A solitary warrior, a sage of the desert or a star watcher, the very essence of Arzak does not change.

The imagery featured in this stunning book rather speaks for itself, and given the limited text, in both French and English, I think it’s better to simply offer you a few random samples of the spreads featured in the book, to wet your appetite for the book itself!

The Book Palace aren’t wrong when they say Mœbius’ Little Pantheon: Arzak is a must-have for any fan of Mœbius’ work, and, offering a range of diverse work highlighting the multiple techniques he used (Rotring pen, acrylic painting and digital techniques are some of the many mediums that he did not hesitate to explore), it will also undoubtedly please those who discover this fascinating universe for the first time.

Moebius’ Little Pantheon: Arzak is available here from The Book Palace price £45

Author: Moebius
Artist: Moebius
Publisher: Moebius Production, October 2023
Number of pages: 176
Format: Hard Cover; Full Colour illustrations | Gilded and embossed hard cover edition with Silk Ribbon Bookmark
Size: 10″ x 12″ (250mm x 310mm)
ISBN: 9782908766738

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