In Review: The Salon of Rejects

Salon of Rejects - Full Cover

Six short stories from Mhairi Braden, Myfanwy Tristram, Ross Mackintosh, Sarah Ushurhe, Michael Lomon and Tom Plant
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The Book: Edited and published by Tom Plant, the idea behind The Salon of Rejects is to collect and celebrate some of the amazing work that is produced every year for the The Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize. The title is a reference to the 19th Century Parisian tradition of the Salon des Refusés, exhibitions held to show work rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon.

Salpn of Rejects: "Always Burning" by Michael Lomon

“Always Burning” by Michael Lomon

The Review: The Observer/ Cape/ Comica Graphic Short Story Prize, which usually launches in May, attracts a huge number of entries every year and many individual creators often post both unsuccessful works online, on their own sites of social media. The quality of many entries is tremendous, and after reading The Salon of Rejects, you’ll get just a small taste of how hard it must be to judge such a competition. Just how do you do it? On the basis of story? Art style? There are so many variables involved.

"Giddy Heights" by Myfanwy Tristram

“Giddy Heights” by Myfanwy Tristram

Tom Planet says his hope for Salon of Rejects to put at least some of the many comics created for the  in front of a larger audience than they might find individually and to show them off in print. They provide a wonderful taster for the talent who have tried their hand at this competition, and illustrate the wealth of comic talent out there striving for deserved wider recognition.

When you consider that just two creative teams will win prizes in this well-established competition – last year’s was won by Crosby-based Richard Woods for “The Giants Of Football” and the runner up was Seokhan Jung with ”Back Soon” – it’s great to see some of the other entries get a platform.

Offered in a softback format and printed on good quality paper gives the talents featured in The Salon of Rejects a chance to shine. It’s well worth a look.

• The Salon of Rejects is available to order online from or at Gosh Comics in London

The Guardian Comica Graphic Short Story Prize Page

• The Observer’s Rachel Cooke on the 2015 Prize Winners Richard Woods and Seokhan Jung

The Salon of Rejects: The Artists

(In order of appearance)

Salpn of Rejects: "Always Burning" by Michael Lomon

“Always Burning” by Michael Lomon

Michael Lomon is a Motion Graphics Designer, Illustrator and Comic Book Artist currently residing in London. He enjoys creating robots, future mutants, dystopian cityscapes, blind detectives, harrowing semi authentic autobiography and corporate branding. He hopes one day to land that one dream project that brings them all together. Web:

"Giddy Heights" by Myfanwy Tristram

“Giddy Heights” by Myfanwy Tristram

“Giddy Heights” by Myfanwy Tristram

Myfanwy Tristram grew up with The Beano, graduated onto Deadline, and was delighted to see the graphic novel reach maturity just as she started getting more serious about comics herself. She now spends much of her spare time swearing over inky bits of A3 paper, and tends to wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for still more stupid cartoons. Web:

Salon of Rejects: "Night Shift" by Mhairi Braden

“Night Shift” by Mhairi Braden

“Night Shift” by Mhairi Braden

Mhairi Braden is a young, Edinburgh based Irish Illustrator studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Interested in all things myth, folklore and pastry. Web:

"Mary" by Ross Mackintosh

“Mary” by Ross Mackintosh

“Mary” by Ross Mackintosh

Ross Mackintosh is a graphic designer and illustrator from Yorkshire, who regularly creates strips for and is also the author of the graphic novel, Seeds. Web: 

"Dermis Pearl" by Sarah Ushurhe

“Dermis Pearl” by Sarah Ushurhe

“Dermis Pearl” by Sarah Ushurhe

Sarah Ushurhe is London based creative, illustrator and writer whose works have featured in both online and print magazines,apps, bookstore cafes, exhibition walls and blogs. “Dermis Pearl” tells the story of Pearl, who is a Tanzanian living in Canada and recounting her memories as she flicks through photographs of her growing up in Montreal with albinism and the price that it cost, back when she was a child in Zanzibar. Web:

"The Noneist" by Tom Plant

“The Noneist” by Tom Plantcompeti

“The Noneist” by Tom Plant

Tom Plant is an illustrator and comic artist who also directs, designs and storyboard short animations. The editor of The Salon of Rejects, he is also the co-creator and co-writer of The Art Bastard Show, a mockumentary following three artists as they prepare for an ill fated show at a prestigious gallery. Web:

Salon of Rejects: Front-Cover

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