In Review: Wolf Country – Issue 3

Wolf Country #3 - Cover Art


Written by Jim Alexander
Art by Will Pickering
Edited by Liz Howarth
Production and lettering by Jim Campbell
Cover art by Luke Cooper
Consultant Elinor Winter

“Vampires versus Werewolves in a wild west setting – and a lot more” continues.

In the third issue of this epic series we see the border wars of the Vampires versus Werewolves take a drastic and violent turn. While the Vampires are tied up with infighting, portents of doom and the obsession with legends, the Werewolves are gathering a huge force to attack. The book ends on a magnificently handled cliffhanger.

This issue opens on a shot of the moon. Large in the sky, it looks over the war torn world of Wolf Country and we’re quickly drawn back into the Machiavellian world of the vampires, an old race obsessed with legends and mysteries, where disparate and desperate groups fight and scheme to survive. This comic expands on the intrigue that Jim Alexander carefully unfolded in previous issues and we see back stories begin to play out and unravel.

Wolf Country #3 - Sample Panels



The plotting and dialogue pull the reader into the story as it grows into the richness of its conspiracy. Jim Alexander seems to me to have an eye for the much longer story and I really enjoyed watching it all play out and intertwine.

The art is in black and white and often lacks a little detail. On the plus side, the characterisations are spot on and the tense moments of action look great. The last few pages are excellently laid out and will definitely draw me back to the next issue. The cover, by Luke Cooper, delivers an awesome Clockwork Orange tribute. I am really looking forward to grabbing a physical copy of this when it comes out in March.

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