In Review: World 3 Issue 2

World3 Issue 2 - Cover

Written by Neil Sambrook
Art by Ari Syahrazad, Earl Geier and Ariel Iacci
Colours by Neil Sambrook and Ari Syahrazad
Lettering by Neil Sambrook
Published by Fly Comics

The Book: Imagine a world at War. A place where you killed or were killed. Imagine that you were part of this war, you had no choice.

The Review: I’ve been bothering the writer on this series and head honcho at Fly Comics Neil Sambrook for ages, asking when the next issue of World3 will be released… and here it is. An anthology of sorts set within a possible future war setting, the first issue released last March, this is not your regular, run of the mill Battlestar/Starship Troopers ‘homage’ but instead echoes the brutal reality some great Sgt Rock/Unknown Soldier style stories. It has humanity as well, loaded in with the settings, and is easily one of my favourite small press books.

There are three stories and one text piece. Here is a little spoiler free breakdown for you.

World3 Issue 2 - The Prophecy‘The Prophecy’
Written by Neil Sambrook
Art by Earl Geier

An old soldier is determined to survive this war. He has managed so far with a cruel and vicious streak and a big chunk of mantra imbued self confidence. Ther bite of karma may well be coming his way…..

This is my favourite story in the comic. The art has a rain sodden, grim and gritty John Severin feel to the mood and linework. It drills down into what makes a desperate soldier survive and shows the cheapness of life through one sadistic moment in a mans life that leads to his fall. It is scripted in a way that made me remember all those House of Mystery, Eerie and Vampirella stories of the 1970s. Deftly done.

World3 Issue 2 - The Interview‘The Interview’
Written by Neil Sambrook
Art by Ariel Iacci

This is a short and claustrophobic tale of soldiers travelling across a war torn country. On board are medics, an injured man and a man looking to get to a job interview that will pull him off the front lines. It turns out to be a bit more complicated than that…..

This felt like a great radio play. Full of talking heads in a realistically rendered setting. Each person is allowed to expose their motivations as the pages turn. It has that twist but you don’t automatically see it coming as it turns you around a couple of times. The art is dark and iconic with moments of drama well realised and Neil’s script is tight and extremely well paced.

World3 Issue 2 - Lawstall Breakout

‘Lawstall Breakout’
Written by Neil Sambrook
Art by Ari Syahrazad

Three prisoners attempt to escape the robot guarded installation and in so doing so find somewhere that war will not bother them anymore. Whether this escape works is something that I will leave you to find out….

The action story of the book has artwork that allows for a fast paced storyline and moments of ruthless violence. Nobody in it (as with most of this anthology) is particularly likeable. The art reminded me a little of Trevor Hairsine in the movement and physicality. There is some great use of colours that give an otherworldly feel to the events. It ends on a great note which I won’t spoil for you.

This is a comic of tightly constructed, punchily told adult and intelligent stories. Neil has put together an excellent package with brilliantly realised mood and setting that put it head and shoulders above any perceived competition.

Come on Fly Comics, when can we see the next one?

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