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The fab comics blog Bear Alley reports that veteran Brit comic artist John Ridgeway is working on a new Dan Dare story for the semi-professional magazine Spaceship Away. According to Bear Alley the strip will…

…take Dan back to Terra Nova to continue the search for his father (who may not be dead, as was previously thought), thus carrying on the Terra Nova saga where Frank Hampson left off.

“There are a few strange facts in the Terra Nova trilogy that I’m utilizing — whether they were there deliberately or by accident I don’t know,” say John.”A lot of the work on the story will be using CGI – hopefully it won’t offend too many dedicated Dan Dare-ites.”

John Ridgway has drawn some of Britain’s most popular comic characters including Dan Dare for Eagle, Doctor Who for Marvel UK and, currently, the Commando comics for DC Thomson, and producing the colour and 3D models for Hal Starr for Spaceship Away with Sydney Jordan. He also worked on Head Shot, an episode produced for the series Black Museum for 2000AD.

Dan Dare first appeared in The Eagle on 14th April, 1950. It has been relaunched several times, most recently by Virgin Comics and the creative team of Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine.

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