Keanu plays Klaatu

The classic 1951 SF film The Day the Earth Stood Still is to be remade, with Keanu Reeves playing noble alien Klaatu.

Variety reports that Michael Rennie’s distinct performance in the original is so revered that finding the right actor to take the role has been one of the chief reasons the 20th Century Fox remake has been in development for so long.

Production will most likely start in late autumn or early 2008, directed by Scott (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) Derrickson with a script from David (The Last Castle) Scarpa. He has reworked the original screenplay, updating the Cold War premise which sees Klaatu arriving on Earth with an indestructible android with a warning that if Earth does not stop its warring, the intergalactic planets will be forced to destroy the planet.

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