Keith Page and Stephen Walsh’s Charlotte Corday project “London Calling” goes digital

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The Charlotte Corday adventure London Calling, published by Timebomb Comics, has just been added to the ROK Comics digital app for iPad, taking its place alongside Iron Moon, which was previously published in print by Print Media.

Written by screenwriter Stephen Walsh and drawn by Keith Page, Charlotte Corday’s many lives include a steampunk space explorer and a French detective of some sort getting involved in all sorts of arcane exploits in 1950′s London which could best be described as “Brighton Rock meets Quatermass and the Pit“.

On occasion, she has been accompanied by a human-sized “Muffin the Mule” entity which had its origins in a strip Keith did for IPC’s Revolver many years ago. A free Charlotte Corday web comic, Witchcraft Street, is currently being re-published on the character’s official web site –

Wolverhampton-based audio comics publisher ROK Comics recently revamped its ‘aggregator’ app, which brings together all its ROK Comics – and titles from a number of independent publishers – in one place for iPad and iPhone users.

The app is the place where you’ll find all the ROK audio comics old and new – Team M.O.B.I.L.E.The Beatles Story (also available as a separate dedicated app), Houdini Adventures and a number of (non audio) comics such as London Calling published in partnership with other companies and creators.

The iPad version of the re-worked ROK Comics hub app also features an in-app version of “Comics Communique”, a news stream offering comics news from around the globe, updated regularly.

London Calling places a confused Charlotte in 1950s London in which not everything is quite as it should be. During World War Two, the French experimented with giving their troops vampire blood to try to make them impervious to bombs and bullets but post-war this backfired with an outbreak of vampirism in the country. To prevent the vampires taking over Paris the city was taken out of time using captured Nazi technology and now, as it tries to return, it is causing ripples in the fabric of time that are affecting Charlotte Corday in her undercover mission in London.

There, befriended by a charming vampire called Luca and while looking for another French agent, she gets caught up in a raid on a vampire club by the Metropolitan Police’s V-Squad and is arrested suspected of being a vampire herself.

The whole plot is book ended by a different Charlotte recovering her children from a flooded London and telling them the story of the book to pass the time.

The Iron Moon is a fast-paced steampunk-inspired adventure starring no-nonsense adventuress Charlotte Corday and is also available worldwide for iPad through the ROK Comics app.

In the story, the twentieth century is just around the corner and Queen Victoria is hale and hearty as she heads into the second century of her reign. The British Empire stretches from the white cliffs of Dover to the red skies of Mars. Go-getting men and women of the imperial dominions flock to the colours, eager to make reputations and fortunes in the wilds of high space.

Take lieutenant Charlotte Corday, for instance. Born in what used to be known as France, she has risen to prominence through the ranks of the Royal Space Navy and now finds herself up to her neck in her greatest escapade yet. Watch as she travels to the mysterious Iron Moon! Marvel as she grapples with a conspiracy that may see the galaxy plunged into war! Goggle as she meets new and strange races, both mechanical and biological! Ponder how she manages to put away so many cups of tea! And prepare to have your brain scrambled as she scoops us up and carries us to the very limits of this universe… and into the next!

London Calling and The Iron Moon are available digitally through the ROK Comics App

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