Knockabout to release “The Magic Pen” by Dylan Horrocks

The Magic Pen - Cover


Sam Zabel a husband, father and a cartoonist once renowned for his series Pickle; in the last few years his career has come to a stand still suffering from a bad case of writer’s block and depression. He now spends his days avoiding his editor on a frankly not very good overly sexualized superhero comic series.

Everything around him seems lacklustre, but an encounter with selection of long-forgotten comics and a young webcomic creator throws him into a new adventure. The comics he reads come to life leading him into worlds of virgin jungles and love starved Martian women. But when these fantasies suddenly become all too real, – Sam must make a choice of whether this illusion is really the ‘utopia’ he desires or is it the one outside of the comic books?

Sam Zabel & the Magic Pen, released next month by Knockabout is the latest work from Dylan Horrocks, a graphic novel writer and artist in Auckland, New Zealand. His most well known work is the previous graphic novel Hicksville (Drawn & Quarterly, 2002) that was listed as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s Fifty Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novels. He has also written comics for Vertigo and DC Comics (Batgirl and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight). In 2002 Hicksville gained an Eisner Award and his series Atlas wasnominated for a Harvey Award.

• Sam Zabel & the Magic Pen by Dylan Horrocks.  ISBN 9780861662364 Cover Price: £14.99. On sale from 5th December 2014

• More about Knockabout Comics at or follow them on Twitter @knockaboutcomix


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