Latest Beano aims to rock you!

The latest Beano (No.3654) is on sale now, with the usual mix of strips and features and offering the chance to win an iPad.

  • Dennis and Gnasher are trumpeting in a very different way than usual!
  • Ed and his Numskulls have a bit HAIRY situation to take care of!
  • The Numskulls bring you some FOUL body facts!
  • Minnie the Minx is no ALIEN to pulling pranks that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!
  • Are you brainier than a Bash Street Kid? Er… let’s hope so. ‘Specially if it’s Smiffy!
  • Roger helps you become a MODERN DODGER!
  • Keeping Billy Whizz busy is a full-time job!

• Check out the free preview at

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