Leopard from Lime Street, Dracula Files and more coming this year as part of Rebelllion’s Treasury of British Comics range

Leopard from Lime Street - Final Cover

Rebellion‘s first collection of the Buster strip Leopard from Lime Street goes on sale in all good bookshops from 13th July 2017, and is already available to pre-order.

The 2000AD publishers now own a slew of great characters (more information here) and several collections are already in the works, including One-Eyed Jack by John Wagner and John Cooper (published in Valiant, out next month), Marney the Fox by Scott M. Goodall MBE and John Stokes (published in Buster, out in September) and The Dracula Files (published in Scream, out in October 2017) – and there’s much more to come next year. The announced titles so far are detailed below.

Drawn by Mike Western and Eric Bradbury, the book is one of the first collections from the now Rebellion-owned classic British characters acquired last year from Egmont, published as part of The Treasury of British Comics range (a branding that could, of course, potentially extend beyond Rebellion’s library).

The Leopard from Lime Street - Strip Example

In Leopard from Lime Street, young Billy Farmer lives with his Aunt Joan and Uncle Charlie and is scratched by a radioactive leopard called Sheba at the local zoo. Gaining leopard-like strength, speed, reflexes, and tree-climbing abilities, when he’s not fighting crime, Billy sells photographs of himself to the local paper, using the money to support his frail aunt while contending with his violent, greedy and lazy uncle.

With warmth, wit, and stunning artwork by Mike Western and Eric Bradbury, The Leopard from Lime Street is a gem of 1970s and 1980s British comics.

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Leopard from Lime Street Volume One is also is available to pre-order now from the 2000AD shop in regular format and a limited edition hardback version (of just 200 copies) that comes with a bookplate and art print

• Rebellion: The Classic Comics (and characters) 2000AD’s Publisher Now Owns

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Treasury of British Comics Titles

Previously Published Treasury of British Comics Titles

2000AD/Rebellion's upcoming collection of two Misty stories utilises art by Shirley Bellwood originally used for the cover of the 1980 Misty Holiday Special

2000AD/Rebellion’s collection of two Misty stories utilises art by Shirley Bellwood originally used for the cover of the 1980 Misty Holiday Special

Misty: Moonchild and The Four Faces of Evil
By Pat Mills and Malcolm Shaw, John Armstrong and Brian Delaney

Welcome to a world of mystery and shadows where the unusual is usual…where the unexpected is expected.

MOONCHILD: Like her grandmother before her, Rosemary Black has discovered that she has the power to move things with her mind. A crescent shape on her forehead marks Rosemary as the Moonchild. While her jealous mother forbids her to use her new found abilities, the actions of a school bully push Ms Black closer and closer towards temptation and revenge.

THE FOUR FACES OF EVE: Eve Marshall develops amnesia after an accident. Unable to remember anything about her past and haunted by nightmares involving the tragic deaths of three other girls, Eve sets out to discover the chilling truth of who…or what she really is.

Monster (published in Scream and Eagle)
By Alan Moore, John Wagner

For all of his young life, Kenneth had been plagued by a feeling that there was something horrific dwelling in his house of secrets. But he had to know what was up there. He had to know what had killed his dad. And now he would face the horrors behind the attic door…

Coming Soon…

• One-Eyed Jack – out in June 2017
by John Wagner and John Cooper

Part Dirty Harry, part Judge Dredd, all badass! Police Detective Jack McBane is the toughest, meanest law enforcer in 1970’s New York City.  Having lost his left eye in the line of duty, McBane will stop at nothing to rid the crime-infested streets of scumbags and villains – even if it means having to occasionally break the rules!

Marney the Fox - Final Cover• Marney the Fox  (published in Buster) – Out in September 2017
by Scott M. Goodall MBE and John Stokes

Marney the Fox is a Lassie-style tale of a lone fox up against wicked humans via Watership Down and Fantastic Mr Fox.

The Dracula Files (published in Scream) – Out in October 2017
by Gerry Finley-Day and Eric Bradbury

KGB officer Colonel Stakis desperately hunts for Count Dracula, who is spreading terror in 1980s Britain after escaping from behind the Iron Curtain. Blending Cold War paranoia with horror staples, Gerry Finley-Day and Eric Bradbury’s strip overcame sustained attempts at censorship to become one of the most popular strips in the 1980s’ best horror comics.

Ken Reid’s Faceache (published in Buster) – Out in December 2017

Meet the kid with the ultimate ability to gurn – and scare people silly!

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4 replies

  1. Many, many thanks for the heads-up on this, John. Have swooped on the hardbacks of One-Eyed Jack and Leopard of Lime Street.

    Both books look just incredible.

    Here’s to a fantastic new line treating these classics with the love they deserve!

  2. It’s about time! Hurry up or i’ll be too old. Steel claw, Kelly’s eye and the legend testers, please.

    • “Kelly’s Eye” and “Steel Claw” are owned by TimeUK, not Rebellion, but the overall “Treasury of British Comics” brand Rebellion are putting their collections out under doesn’t prevent them putting out collections of other company’s comics, of course. Fingers crossed!

  3. The Leopard from Lime Street was my favourite comic story as a kid, when I was 13 years old, the same age as billy farmer. I already got the first book and looking forward to the second book.

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