Limited Edition reprints of New Eagle’s “The Tower King” and “The House of Daemon” available now

The Tower King - 2020

Good news for those of you who missed out on Hibernia Comics previous printings of The Tower King, the classic adventure tale from the New Eagle by Alan Hebden and José Ortiz – it’s being reprinted again!

The Tower King tells the tale of Mick Tempest and his struggles to survive in a London plunged into medieval anarchy by the complete loss of electricity. The tale is brilliantly written by Alan, and the artwork by Ortiz is among his best.

Published by Hibernia Books under license from the Dan Dare Corporation, who own rights to many strips from both the original Eagle and the 1980s title, The Tower King is a 76-page plus black and white collection and includes an enthusiastic introduction to the story from comics artist Leigh Gallagher (Defoe).

In association with the DDC, Hibernia have announced that a very small amount of copies are now available on Hibernia’s shop, so if you missed out when it was first released back in 2014 (or reprinted in 2017), get it while you can!

“One of most popular collections we have done here at Hibernia, it certainly is the most requested to be reprinted, and here it is!” notes publisher David McDonald.

The House of Daemon - 2020

Also available are a limited number of copies of Hibernia’s excellent collection of another New Eagle story, The House of Daemon (reviewed here) and the terrific guide to many roads not taken in terms of abandoned British comic projects, Fantastic Adventures (reviewed here).

Tornado - The Angry Planet by Alan Hebden and Massimo Belardinelli
“The Angry Planet” by Alan Hebden and Massimo Belardinelli

Coming soon from Hibernia is a collection of “The Angry Planet”, a SF strip by Alan Hebden and Massimo Belardinelli that ran in the short-lived Tornado comic published in 1979. More details will be available soon.

Order your copy of The Tower King now from Hibernia Comics

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