Look Familiar? Fun Doctor Who variant cover homages Fantastic Four

After we posted Andrew Pepoy and  Jason Millet‘s marvellous (sorry, couldn’t resist that!) Doctor Who Comics Day Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor #4 variant yesterday, numerous comics fans noted it’s a homage to a classic Fantastic Four cover (#49) credited to Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott on the Marvel Comics web site.

But there was  another influence, too, others suggested – over on the Doctor Who Comics: A Voyage Facebook group, fan Brian Snape pointed to Target’s The Three Doctors cover…

Of course, the artist who drew that book cover, first published back in 1975 – Chris Achilleos – has acknowledged his cover referenced Kirby’s FF cover, too, so Pepoy and Millet have actually brought things “Full Circle”… (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one, either).

Andrew Pepoy himself happily acknowledges the same Fantastic Four cover influenced this new Fourth Doctor variant, too.

“I’d probably seen the Who paperback cover,” he told me via Twitter,  “but had to be reminded after someone saw mine”.

Whatever the inspirations. It’s a smashing cover.. And surely one demanding a t-shirt incarnation in due course, too!

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• Artist Chris Achilleos offers his The Three Doctors art as a signed print over on his official web site

Listen to a the Diddly Dum podcast interview with Chris Achilleos here

With thanks to Sean Bassett and Brian Snape

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