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Charlie Hebdo "Survivors Issue"


(Last updated 21st January 2015): If you’re looking for a copy of the new “survivors issue” of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, out today, we found this Reddit discussion offering some pointers to London stockists.

The Guardian has also published a handy stockists guide, noting the title normally sells on about 30 copies a week in the UK.

More than 1000 copies of the French language edition are expected to be on sale in the UK today and will be distributed by both Smiths News and Menzies Distribution.

One stockist, Forge News in Cheltenham, told The Independent it has been inundated with orders for the magazine from Scotland to the Isle of Wight and she was not afraid of attack.

Update (Thursday 15th January): BBC News mentioned that the English language version of the Charlie Hebdo issue was due to be available tomorrow (Friday) and implied that it would be a printed copy.

Update (Wednesday 21st January): Charlie Hebdo is available digitally for both iPad and iPhone on iTunes; and for Android devices via Google Play; the digital version offers a translation

This week’s issue of the satirical magazine, which regularly pokes fun at all religions and the politicians of France, has a three million issue print run following the tragic terrorist attack on its editorial offices last week, well up from the magazine’s usual run of 60,000 copies. Its editor and several cartoonists were among the victims of the attack, prompting powerful protest and support for the principles of free speech in France (and elsewhere).

The BBC reports long queues have formed at news stands in France for the latest edition of satirical magazine. NBC reports some 700,000 copies sold in the first hour.

Editor-in-chief Gérard Biard told news media at a press conference earlier this week that the issue had been made “with joys as well as pain”, while Cartoonist Luz, who drew the issue’s cover, said he had no worries about the cover.

“We have confidence in people’s intelligence and we have confidence in humour, The Guardian reported. “The people who did this attack, they have no sense of humour.”

“I’m sorry we’ve drawn him yet again but the Muhammad we’ve drawn is a man who is crying.”

Luz is one of the magazine’s cartoonists regularly firing potshots at all religions, as this cartoon illustrates…


Cartoon by Luz, one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists

Cartoon by Luz, on of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists


If you can’t find a copy, you could buy Private Eye, which is on a bit of a roll at the moment with its ongoing stabs at all aspects of British society…

Editorial Comment: I pondered whether of not to feature the cover of this issue of Charlie Hebdo within this story. Many news organisations appear to have avoided publishing the cover in full, while others have shown no concern. In the end, given that we regularly feature a wide range of covers of comics on this site – some of which may offend for other reasons – I decided it would seem rather odd not to include it.

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• Charlie Hebdo is available digitally for both iPad and iPhone on iTunes; and for Android devices via Google Play; the digital version offers a translation

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