Lorenzo Sketch Books Launched

The Etherington Brothers Comics Boutique

The Etherington Brothers are pushing boundaries again, adding another attraction to their StudioBlinkTwice web site which documents their many fab creations – a new online shop selling Blink Twice professional comic board, Malcolm Magic books and more.

The launch coincides with the publication of sketch books by fab artist Lorenzo Etherington, ranging in theme from robots, to girls, to monsters, machines and more. Each 100-page collection boasts more than 250 original sketches from the artist behind Monkey Nuts, Moon and Malcolm Magic.

The first book, Girls and Monsters, is available now from the Comics Boutique, in two versions: the original volume, and the extra special version including a one-off original sketch from the creator himself.

Beyond Blink Twice, the Etheringtons continue to be busy. Rob has just written a story for Transformers Comic, Megatron’s Revenge, for Titan (unfortunately attributed to Simon Furman) which is now on sale in all good UK newsagents.

• Check out graphic novels by The Etherington Brothers on AmazonUK

This post was updated in 2021 to remove links to the now defunct Blink Twice site

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