Luke Cooper’s “Hollow Girl” – video trailer released

Comic artist Luke Cooper , whose work includes GoodCopBadCop and Wolf Country for Planet Jimbot, has just posted a trailer for his upcoming graphic novel from US indie publisher Blackline Comics, Hollow Girl: I Am No One.

Hollow Girl by Luke Cooper

“The comic is a dark thriller about a masked vigilante,” says Luke, “a girl who kills to avenge the souls of victims of brutal crimes. But are the voices she hears really those of the dead or symptoms of a dangerous psychosis?

“This book also contains the origin of the character, showing how she became Hollow Girl.”

I like Luke’s work – he’s got a good feel for storytelling and a distinctive style that suits the titles he’s worked on recently to perfection. He’s one to keep an eye on.

Blackline Comics – whose titles are all creator owned – is currently in developing a range of both new and exciting original comics material and aims to bring its content to our readers digitally as well as through traditional print methods. Run by Jay Savage, Blackline is looking for quality stories and art from all interested comic industry professionals, whether they are new creators or established veterans.

Announced in July, Blackline is accepting submissions for our first ever Anthology titled Pitch Black. Have a five page short story that is complete with art? If you do Blackline want to see it, so send in your submission package (check their guidelines first).

“If we feel it is worthy then it will be included in the first issue of Pitch Black,” says Jay. “It costs you nothing and all profits go back to the creators involved.”

Pitch Black issue #1 will be available in both print and digital form. Send your submissions to

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