Luminous Spooks!

There’s nostalgia and then there’s nostalgia. For some of us older types, it’s the 1966 World Cup, “Love Cats” by the Cure and TV21. For the owner of the web site linked here, it’s Luminous Spooks.

I’d never heard of Luminous Spooks before now, but in 1965, there was a set of cereal premiums given away in Sugar Puffs. They were called ‘Luminous Spooks’ and a television advertisement promoted them. Apparently, composer Barry Gray (who also wrote the music for Thunderbirds etc) did the music for this and Thunderbirds voice actor David Graham was the voice artiste.

Anyway, this web site has to be one of the most impressive labours of love about a product from a bygone age that I’ve seen in a while and the creators have done a fine job tracking down everything you need to know about the “Spooks”. But does anyone reading this remember the television advertisement and its music — and if they do, do you know where a copy of the advertisement might be found?

Get in touch with the site owner and let them know.

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