Story of 2000AD on Radio 4

With BBC4 taken over by comics this month on TV, BBC Radio 4 is getting in on the act, too. The radio station will be broadcasting Futureshock! The Story of 2000AD this Saturday (22 September) at 10.30am, narrated by Phil Jupitus.

“Over the past 30 years, the weekly British comic’s distinctive visions of the future have shaped the imaginations of a generation of young readers,” Radio 4’s online trailer opines. “Its dark and gritty tales, often set in a near future of post-apocalyptic urban decay, have changed the tone of science fiction.”

Radio 4 has of course done several comics related documentaries over the years – they interviewed my Mum for one about Film Fun – and the results are usually pretty good.

You can listen to Radio 4 online via the official BBC web site

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2 replies

  1. cool, which company is it from?

  2. 2000AD is published by UK publisher Rebellion… er, you’re not from the UK, I suspect?

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