Meanwhile… Back with a Bang, features more from David Hine, Mark Stafford, new Krent Able strip

Meanwhile Issue 2 - Cover


Comics periodicals. They start out great with the first issue, bringing out the big guns to get everybody’s attention, but then run out of steam and splutter out because they just got too ambitious for their own good. Take Soaring Penguin‘s Meanwhile…, for instance. It started out so promisingly, but now it’s the second issue and – wait, hold on a minute –  there’s a new comic from Krent Able!? “Strangehaven” is still back and better than ever, and David Hine is busy penning a modern classic in “The Bad Bad Place”? This is madness! How has Meanwhile… possibly managed to get even more awesome than it already was?


"The Bad Bad Place" Part Two by David Hine and Mark Stafford

“The Bad Bad Place” Part Two by David Hine and Mark Stafford


“Get used to it,” say the publishers. “That’s just how we roll. In issue 2, “The Bad, Bad Place” by David Hine and Mark Stafford continues, and takes the spotlight on our fabulous new cover by Mark. Gary Spencer Millidge brings out an all-new 16 page “Strangehaven” episode, and there’s a new installment of Yuko Rabbit’s “10 Minutes”. Along with the inestimable Krent Able, we’ve also got new strips from the supremely talented Jenny Robins, Krystian Garstkowiak and Euan Cook.


The opening page of "Tree" by Krystian Garstkowiak

The opening page of “Tree” by Krystian Garstkowiak


“Our mission at Soaring Penguin is to bring readers the kind of talent and comics that they’ve been crying out for, but that few major publishers are willing to take a chance on these days. We’re not ones for hyperbole, but we’re pretty confident that in ten years’ time, trendy hipster types will be pretending that they read Meanwhile… from the beginning, to look cool. Don’t be that guy/gal. Dive in now, and joy awaits you in what the Forbidden Planet International Blog called  ‘a damn fine example of how a great anthology can be’.”

Meanwhile… Issue 2 can be ordered here from Soaring Penguin direct and is available from all good comic shops

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