Merry Christmas: 2 Days To Go

Our run of Christmas covers continue as we countdown to Christmas Day.

There wasn’t much Christmas cheer on display on the Christmas cover for Bunty in 1987. Indeed it seemed to be all doom and gloom – a miserable Christmas for The Kids Of Hunger House, a cold Christmas in School’s Out and tears at Christmas in The Four Mary’s.

After Ian Kennedy’s full colour IPC Fleetway cover of Super Naturals 1987 Christmas issue yesterday, he returns to DC Thomson’s limited colour newsprint for this compilation cover for Bunty in the same year.

The tears are not from one of the four Mary’s – Field, Cotter, Simpson and Radleigh, but rather for one of their friends, Denise Fowlds, who is feeling sorry for herself since her divorced mother is in hospital and she has fallen out with her sister who has sided with their father.

Set in the past, Hunger House is Conwyn Castle stately home where the bereaved master of the house is such a miser that he doesn’t feed his children properly. But all is not lost as finding and reading his late wife’s diary brings him to his senses in time for Christmas dinner.

School’s Out has four pupils of Wansdale School – Carol, Dawn, Marie and Ellie, queuing in the snow for the New Year Sales. So really they only have themselves to blame if they have a cold Christmas.

More Christmas covers tomorrow.

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