Doctor Who – Terror from the Deep: Episode 77

Doctor Who – Terror from the Deep is a not-for-profit Doctor Who strip featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace, written by John Freeman, with art by Danny Cushion and, on this episode, Paul Cooke.

The Doctor’s “ally” arrives in the secret Dalek base below the English Channel – and it’s definitely not happy!

Doctor Who – Terror from the Deep: Episode 77 by John Freeman, Danny Cushion and Paul Cooke

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Dalek Attack by Paul Cooke

New episodes of this story appear weekly, on Saturdays at 5.16pm, featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace in an exciting adventure with the Daleks.

This project began as a pitch project to the Daily Express for a newspaper strip, way back in 1989, but the end of the show’s “classic era” on TV meant it did not progress.

This episode sees Paul Cooke join the “Terror from the Deep” gang, kindly assisting on some amends to the strip that, unfortunately, Danny was unable to do himself due to health issues he’s still recovering from. We wish him all the best!

You may recognise Paul as a contributor to various Doctor Who fan productions over the past few years. You can see more of his work here on Deviant Art.

For those wondering, the Doctor’s “ally” is a Sarcosuchus, an extinct genus of crocodyliform and distant relative of living crocodilians that lived during the Early Cretaceous. Over 100 million years ago, even the largest dinosaur avoided this “Supercroc”… but what do we truly know about this vicious predator?

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Our thanks to Paul Hanley, artists Mike Collins and Lee Sullivan, and the late Gerry Dolan – and Andy Walker for connecting me up with Paul Cooke

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