Monster Mayhem Galore in “The Night of the Fire-Beast’ from Insane Comics

Recently launched by US publisher Insane Comics is Night of the Fire-Beasta meta fictional comic book based upon a lost 1958 B-movie, conceived and drawn by Chris Martinez, written by Jonathan Clode (co-editor of the terrific, Eisner Award-nominated World War One anthology To End All Wars), with cover art by James Biggie.

Beguiled by comics in his infancy, young Clode took to writing them once he was sure he’d grown up. He has written the one shot Anabolic Chicken Vs Mutant Bull, contributed stories to the second issue of the Outré Anthology, the Haiyan Benefit Anthology the Beyond Bullying comics collection and also features in the Pearl Jam inspired No (Comics) Code Anthology. To End All Wars was his first editing job, working with John Stuart Clark, but luckily he seemed to rather like being consumed by huge amounts of work and his efforts paid off handsomely.

Chicago-based Chris was one of the artists on To End All Wars, while comic artist James Biggie, whose credits include Transformers covers for IDW, is co-creator of of Robot God Akamatsu and giant monster aficionado.


Night of the Firebeast #1 - Cover
Night of the Fire-Beast Sample PageSet in 1948, the story opens on a cargo ship sailing the Atlantic. Among the crew is Mack, a world weary veteran of the Great War, and Hudson, a young would be adventurer who feels cheated that he was too young to fight in World War Two. The ship encounters an unnatural storm and is lost upon a strange island where ancient beasts are unleashed, ready to battle for dominance in a land that shouldn’t exist!

Night of the Firebeast #1 - Spread

“This is the first of a series of books based around the titular character – Fire-Beast Dorugan,” Jonathan tells us. “Rather than consider it a comic book adaptation, the book acts as the actual movie, using exposed wires, stock footage and flimsy sets within the artwork, as well as background on the film’s troubled production.

“The first part of a trilogy, each story represents a different era in the history of giant monster – or kaiju – movies. Issue 2, due this summer, represents the Japanese iteration of the character from the 1970’s, and #3 due next year, will be the big budget Hollywood reboot.

Launched in2014, Insane Comics – online at – is an independent publisher of creator owned works of art, its line not limited to any particular genre or universe.  All of their comics can be purchases in digital and print right from the Insane Comics’ Storefront
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